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Thoughts from the Chair - Bill Connor

     “The object of BASBWE shall be to advance the status of Symphonic Bands and Wind Ensembles in the
     United Kingdom, and the education of the general public”.

       Dear all, after a two year hiatus here’s   all our best wishes for your continuing   artistically, professionally, personally,
       the new WINDS magazine for the end of   music making and composition. Finding   financially, we approached various
       this extraordinary year of 2020!     a replacement has proved very difficult!    musicians, composers, conductors,
                                            So, HELP! there anyone out there   practitioners posing the question “What
       As Chairman I apologise profusely for   willing to take on the role of   have you been up to in Lockdown, and
       the absence of the magazine that is part   Membership secretary?         how has it affected you personally and
       of our contract with you, our paid-up                                    professionally?”
       membership. Some of you who have      Get in touch!
       received this magazine and are reading                                     Many  thanks to  all who  responded
       this might say; hold on I’m no longer   Despite the absence of WINDS, we have   and  as expected a huge range of
       subscribing so how come...? And that   indeed been active, meeting, planning,   creative  responses  were  received in
       requires apology no.2, as chair, there’s   commissioning, supporting concerts,   these  strange,  surreal,  alarming,
       no getting away from it, in the chase for   week-ends, clinics, schools visits,  liberating,  fearful, exciting,  confusing
       doing stuff I’ve taken my eye off a very   interactions with various bands across   times; (and  many  variations  thereof
       important ball; membership, and      the country, promotion of BASBWE      we’ve all heard over the last 7
                                                                                  months). It’s also a time that  forces a
       consequentially income.              internationally via ECWO (more of that
                                                                                  re-addressing of things we might have
                                            later) and WASBE and NCBF at the
                                                                                  taken for granted;  the artistic way  of
       John Holland our membership secretary   RNCM, and continuing to engage with
                                                                                  life, not just for  musicians but  for  any
       of many years resigned in 2018 to focus,   local communities across the country.
                                                                                  creative  individual of whatever  artistic
       quite rightly on life and composition                                      persuasion as a result of the suspension
       and much else besides! Many thanks for   In this edition of WINDS, given the   of day  to day  life as we  knew  it!
       the years you gave to BASBWE John and   limbo in which we all find ourselves

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